Bow: Ninja

A Ninja was a covert agent in feudal Japan.  Historical documents dating back to 1375 reveal that ninjas were actually called Shinobi. More than just combative arts, they had to learn explosives, poison, voodoo etc.  Many ninja's were women. Kunoichi, also known as female ninjas were used as assassins in covert operations, spying & psychological warfare. They carried discrete and deadly weapons. Kanzashi, were sharp ornate hairpins that were dipped in lethal poison 📌. Neko-te ( cat hands ) were sharp metal claw like accessories 🐾.

Did you know? 

- After stealing information, the Ninja will have to transfer it securely with no telegram, email or phone back then... they developed a method of communication called 'Mekiki-no-Koto'. A super secure technique with no use of words or letters 🤯  Also, they practised a system for passing covert messages using colored rice with each color having a definition.

- One of the martial arts training they practised during the 16th century is nekome-jutsu. This technique was used to decipher time by just looking at a cats eyes. Eyes of cat are very sensitive to light causing their pupils to shape-shift at specific times of the day 🐈‍⬛.

Ninja MidJourney Ai

( Note: Above image is not part of the NFT | Generated using Ai )

Chain: Box

When buying a ‘Box chain’ remember that the ones with thicker box links are very strong. Usually the thicker chains are desired and worn by men, as a statement piece. But in general the ‘Box chain’ is the choice of women and they prefer the chains with thinner boxes 💁‍♀️ . While most other chains are made using oval links, these are made using square links that make it look ‘Boxy’. When broken, its very easy to mend. Usually people just remove the broken box and connect the remaining. The design of a box chain is very bold, prominent and usually worn with a stunning pendant 🔅

KeyFob: Wishbone

2 people hook their pinkie fingers on each end of a wishbone > make a wish & pull. One that gets the bigger piece get their wish come true People wear wishbone jewellery or carry as good luck charms.

Key Color: #36454F

Charcoal is a sophisticated color and it has soft gray, crema white and blue hues. Due to its minimalistic vibe, it is used in home decor/ interior design where the furniture or elements need to be highlighted or defined. Charcoal color doors and kitchen cabinetry are design elements that are in trend according to interior designers.

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