The most unique set of NFTs with extreme attention to detail

The 'Keys to the Metaverse' are created by a custom generative algorithm, then registered on the blockchain.

There are many factors considered when architecting each Key. These unique traits will be coded in the Metadata of each key. All these traits will be exposed via. the API of each key, so any application in the Metaverse can programatically integrate the keys in their platform specifically using a set of traits. Based on the number of ridges and notches in a key the Bit code will differ. This will play a very important role when keys are integrated into other blockchain applications based on the traits it has.

  • NFT Traits based Notifications
  • Open to the community to innovate
  • Programable NFT Keys
  • Unlimited possibilities in the future.

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What's in a Key?

Everything in the world we live in needs to be un-locked. Be it physical devices or emotional things like freedom.

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API Layer

The NFTs will get an API layer so anyone can program the Keys into any application.

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Take a look at some of the incredible keys we’ve made


A wide variety of Traits and properties is applied to each of the NFT art generated. This will prove very useful in the project roadmap.


  • A CTO of a famous Blockchain stated that: " Although collectables are the biggest NFT use case today, the surface is barely being scratched. He envisions a future where NFTs are the foundation of all digital rights management, even one where consumers could move away from services of big companies to directly own the rights to purchased books and movies."
    David Schwartz
Keys to the Metaverse

Art &

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