Bow: Skeleton

A Skeleton key is a master key that can unlock a wide variety of locks . One of the reasons its called a 'skeleton key' is because the key has been reduced to its essential parts ie. Destroyed to perfection. In popular culture, a skeleton key has a relative symbolism. It provides access to something or anything out there. It's that one key to success, someone's heart etc. In ancient times the holder of the skeleton key was meant to have the power of 'unlocking the door' to whatever they wished to attain. Till date these keys are considered as a good luck charm. It's a common wedding gift, decor in wind chimes, jewelry and frames in households etc. ✨

Chain: Daimond Cut

KeyFob: Floral Skull

The skull represents life & death 💀   The rose represents beauty and love 🌹   The 'Floral Skull' symbolises a struggle between the beautiful & the ugly in times of evil vs. good 👍 

The Mexicans celebrate the 'Day of the Dead' on the first week of November. Floral skulls made of sugar are often used on this day which has been the known tradition since early 1630s. The belief from the age of Mayans is that the gates of heaven are opened on October 31st. The spirits of the deceased are allowed to reunite with their familes for 24 hours. On November 1st is the day for children spirits ( angelitos ) & on November 2nd spirits of adults come down to enjoy the festivities prepared for them. The offerings are paced on a grand alter. On November 1st the alter can be seen with toys and sweets for the angelitos. On November 2nd the alter may contain Tequila, cigars etc. for the grown ups. The feativities during this period are very expensive with families ready to even spend 2 months of their earnings to make the spirits happy.


Floral Skull

( Note: The above image is not part of the NFT  |   Photo by Chait Goli from Pexels )

Key Color: #FFFFFF

Gemology is one area where colors are used widely for the impact they have on the person wearing it or keeping it. White gemstones are believed to help create new beginnings, remove prejudice and preconceived notions, to see the innocence in others, and to clear emotional clutter and silence the inner critic. In color psychology, white also generally denotes calmness, comfort and hope.

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Daimond Cut

Closed Ward ..

Diamond Squa..

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No collar



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Floral Skull



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Side Cut War..









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