Bow: Gorilla

We share 98% of our DNA with Gorillas 🦍   Their nose-prints are unique as our fingerprints. The leader will defend the troop with their lives 💪   Being 10 times stronger than humans, they are capable of viewing the world in a spiritual way ✡️

Did you know?

- A Gorilla's bite can shatter bones. It has a bite force of 1300 PSI per square inch. Its much stronger than a lion or tiger which has bite force of 1000 PSI. Humans have a bite force of 150 PSI.

- They are herbivorous. An average Gorilla eats 25 Kgs of food per day.


Chain: Beads

Beads are made out of bone, coral, horn, ivory, seeds, animal shell, and wood. They hold a significant meaning in christianity where they are worn during the festivities of Mardi Gras. Beads represent faith, divine power and justice. For most of human history pearls were the ultimate precious beads of natural origin because of their rarity.

KeyFob: Crown

The Crown symbolizes absolute centralized power and authority of the Royal Monarchs 👑 . Historically, the wearer of the crown was revered to be divine and close to god which was also the reason why people obeyed them. In the medieval age, everything came under the crown, land, law, people and wealth. The Crown is part of an entire set of Crown Jewels like Scepter, ring, Cullian's diamond etc. Fun fact, it is automatically assumed that the Queen owns all of the unclaimed swans, bats and other random unmarked things in England and Wales. 

Did you know?

Genghis Khan used a smart policy of strategic marriages. He would marry of a daughter to the king of another nation. Other wives of the king were then dismissed. He would then assign his new son-in-law to military duty in the Mongolian wars  🩸. Most of the son-in-laws died in combat, and Khan's daughter would take over and rule the Kingdom 😯


Genghis Khan

( Note: The above image is NOT part of the NFT.  Its a royalty free Image by Jonas KIM from Pixabay )


Key Color: #FF1493

Deep Pink is a lighter tone of magenta. When digitally inverted the color changes to #14FF80 (Guppie Green) , a neon green color that resembles the green on spotify's logo. Deep pink is a bright color that is used in Digital prints, signages and advertisements for grabbing the user's attention.

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