Bow: Data Scientist

Data scientists have a larger responsibility to mankind. Right from analyzing mission critical data at NASA to correlating data points on the melting glaciers their role is crucial. Data Scientists use various visualization tools to analyze the data and offer interpretations based on it. The earliest case of data visualization being used to influence public policy was around getting better sanitary conditions for British soldiers.

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Chain: Byzantine

A Byzantine chain is a metal intricate design used in jewelry that incorporates a rope-like texture and organic textural design. The chains are supple and flexible, and drape well. The origin of the name Byzantine is not known. The chain is a 4 in 1 chain meaning that each link passes through four others. It is a variation on the Box chain whose links point in a constant direction, unlike Byzantine whose links alternate in direction. It's also known as Etruscan design  ✨


Byzantine Chain

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KeyFob: Wormhole

A Wormhole connects 2 different points in space-time (ie. billions of light years far) 🤯   Thus enabling time travel. To hold a wormhole open an exotic matter Key is required ✨


Did you know?

The term 'Remote viewing' was coined by scientsists at the Stanford Research Institute ( SRI ). It is a practise of seeking information about a distant person, object etc. by sencing in the mind. Apart form just providing information, the mind can be trained to vibrate in the same frequency of the distant object/person and control them. This is such a serious concept that there are secret projects run by governments to facilitate this ( with millions of dollars in funding ) 😳

Stargate was a highly classified project run by the US military & intelligence unit, in coordination with SRI. The main aim of the project was see through a great distance by using the human mind. And if possible also manipulate the object -or- another brain at a far distance. It involved very deep quantum theory mechanics that involved electromagnetics, mind waves, mind control etc.

The Stargate project was in response to the Soviet Union spending near $1 Billion on a simillar mind control program called 'Jive Radio'. The researchers working on the project worked on accumulating bioenergry from living things. A device that could generate electromagnetic radiation and store it. And these waves can be amplified and transmitted via. human brain to remotly influence another person across the globe.

Lab Diagrams from the Jive Radio project

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