Bow: Lobster

Lobsters keep growing forever. They are cannibalistic and eat each other 😳   Lay upto 12,000 eggs. Taste food with hair on legs. Communicate with Urine. Chew food with teeth on their stomach  😬   The claw of the lobster can exert pressure upto 100 psi ie. it can cut out your fingers, or even amputate your hand.

Did you know?

- Lobsters are immortal.  They can walk upto 370 kms in one go. They dont get weaker as they grow. The older they get, better they mate and reproduce 😼   

- Lobsters were super abundant in late 18th century and considered poor mans food. It was so much available in New England, that it was fed to pigs and shells used as fertilizers. Servants in Massachusetts were fed up of eating it, so they won a court case to prevent their masters from feeding them lobsters more than 3 times per week!


Chain: Box

When buying a ‘Box chain’ remember that the ones with thicker box links are very strong. Usually the thicker chains are desired and worn by men, as a statement piece. But in general the ‘Box chain’ is the choice of women and they prefer the chains with thinner boxes 💁‍♀️ . While most other chains are made using oval links, these are made using square links that make it look ‘Boxy’. When broken, its very easy to mend. Usually people just remove the broken box and connect the remaining. The design of a box chain is very bold, prominent and usually worn with a stunning pendant 🔅

KeyFob: Wishbone

2 people hook their pinkie fingers on each end of a wishbone > make a wish & pull. One that gets the bigger piece get their wish come true People wear wishbone jewellery or carry as good luck charms.

Key Color: #7F1734

Claret is a medium dark shade of pink almost resembling the maroon color. The color was named in the year 1547. The color claret is also known by the name Bordeaux wine color. The shade can be obtained by mixing red and black in certain proportions. Claret red is mostly used in women's clothing as it psychologically conveys boldness and confidence.

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