Bow: Beetle

Some Beetles have complex abdominal gills to breathe underwater, Some rare species hunt fish. There are 20,000+ aquatic beetle species.

Wear body armour & can shine in dark ✨  Been around for 270 Million Years. Considered the Largest group of organisms on the planet. Can carry things 1000 times their body weight 🤯


Beetle shining

( Note: Above image is NOT part of the NFT  |  Photo by James Wainscoat on Unsplash )

Chain: Diamond cut

Diamond cut literally only means that the jeweler has cut small notches into the metal links. These small cuts are then given a high polish to increase their sparkling reflections. Diamond cut chains have a much brighter, sparkling appearance than plain chains ✨   And because they’re made with small cuts in their links, diamond cut chains are slightly weaker than their corresponding styles of plain chains.

KeyFob: Wallet

Soon, the Web3 Wallet will be the center of the Metaverse ✨

☑️  Public key = your wallet address, will be your identity ( which might be tied to an ENS address )

✅  Private key = your central point of web3 Security. Your seed phrase controls access to the wallet and all of the assets contained within.

☑️  Staking account = your Savings account. All your crypto assets will be staked in your wallet. It will earn you regular passive income and yield.

✅  dApp store = Discovery. You will discover new apps to use directly from your wallet.

☑️  Login = To become a user and interact with any decentralised apps, your wallet will be the gateway. Ex: Opensea, MakerDAO, exchange etc.

✅  Payments = All your peer to peer payments will be sent and recieved from your web 3 wallet.

☑️  Permissions = You will control the permissions for each app from your decentrlized wallet. Granting & revoking access will be at your finger tips - on the move.

✅  Exchange = You will be able to anonymously trade your digital assets from inside your wallet. Your dex wallet will be connected to every major exchange in the world.

☑️  Browser or Operating System: Soon your wallet be the place in which you experiance and use the entire internet. Everything will be witnin.

✅ Social / hangout = Grant access to your VR Goggles & the next moment you will be in the Metaverse. Your web3 wallet will be the gateway to all your social hangouts, entertainment, communication etc.

☑️ NFT Gallery = All your digital assets & physical assets will be stored, transffered and processed from your wallet as NFTs. Ex: Digital subsriptions, royalties, properties ownership, car ownership, contracts etc.


Crypto wallet buy online

( Note: Above image is NOT part of the NFT. Its an Ad. Clicking opens Amazon )

Key Color: #841B2D

Antique ruby is a darker tone of the red color. On the Hex color palette, it's present between purple and red. Historically, Rubies were known as the stone of the King and were often linked with power and wealth. It was said that wearing ruby would safeguard their wealth and enable them to acquire more in the future while bringing good luck to those wearing it. 

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Diamond cut

Closed Ward ..

Circle Squar..

Collor Type

No Collar



Eye Color


Key Bit Type


Key Color






RN Bit Patte..


Side Cut War..









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