Bow: Ushi-oni

Ushi-Oni is a demon from the Japanese Folklore. It has a brutal, savage personality 😈    Has an ox's head with sharp upward-curving horns, wicked fangs. Spits poison and enjoy killing and eating humans 😱

Ushi-Oni is said to appear commonly near water bodies, lakes and swamps. When clear water suddenly starts to get dirty, it seems the Ushi-Oni is there. Just being in a place near this demon can make people sick. It is licks a persons shadow, he will get high fever and die in a few days.

To save ones life, they need to utter words of opposites like "rocks flow, leaves sink, mountains sway, Fire's cold" etc. & provide the Ushi-Oni with its favorite drink alcohol during new years.


Ushi Oni

Note: Above image is not an NFT  |  Img Source: Archive Org  |  Author: Brigham Young University

Chain: Gleipnir Enchanted Rope

Fenrir the wolf is bound by the 'Gleipnir Enchanted Rope' ( a thin silk ribbon, stronger than any chain ) ✨   It is Constructed from 6 impossible ingredients: sound of a cat's footsteps, root of a mountain, beard of a woman, breath of a fish, she spittle of a birth, sinews of a bear.  If the wolf breaks free, it will kill Odin 😳

KeyFob: Maneki-neko

The Maneki-neko are lucky cats that are a common Japanese figurine. Maneki-Neko brings fortune to the owner ✨   The talisman depicts a Lucky Cat with one paw raised and beconking ( left paw is for cash flow in business & the right paw is for good luck at home ) 🏆

There is an ancient belief in Japan & China, that a cat washing its face is a sign that a visitor will arrive soon.

"If a cat raises its paw over the ears and washes its face, then patrons will come".

- Duan Chengshi (803–863) / Author from China's Tang Dynasty


In Japan, there is a Maneki-Neko holiday to celebrate the figurine that brings so much good luck to the owner. Its on the 29th of September.



Note: Above image is not part of the NFT | Image by Gilles DETOT from Pixabay

Key Color: #58427C

Cyber Grape is a calming color that is part of the purple color swatch. Cyber Purple is a futuristic color and is part of the retrowave color palette. Retrowave is a design theme that has bold text, glitchy visuals with chromatic aberration to give a mid 80s feel to the design.

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