Bow: Vampire

Centuries ago in the medieval ages, Vampire's hunted humans ruthlessly for their need of Blood. Humans were helpless against the extraordinary powers these blood-suckers had. Entire villages were drained of their residents blood. Be it the old, sick, young or even babies... vampires showed no mercy 😰 . We were no match to the vampires & none of our weapons worked against them. The frustration grew day-by-day among millions of humans. The collective frustation in every human's mind grew to such great extent! On one blood moon night, all this frustation collectivly manifested to create a super natural phenomenon that had the power to destroy Vampires. The Werewolf!  😳       Never underestimate the power of the Human mind!


An illusion shared by everyone becomes a reality

- an old saying


Did you know?

Vampires cant cross running water. As it would separate the vampire from the bonded souls of their victims, which they must release first 🦇 Putting yourself across some water might be all it takes to save your neck 🤌
Vampire Ai Art
( Note: Above image is not part of the NFT  |  Its an Ai generated image )

Chain: Thread of Ariadne

'Thread of Ariadne' is all about solving a problem, maze or puzzle by multiple means. Current Artificial Intelligence applications heavily depend upon Ariadne's thread logic 🤖   In Greek mythology, the red silk thread was given by Ariadne to a God for escaping a complex labyrinth ✨ 

KeyFob: Spaceship

A Spaceship travels at 28000 kmph in space 🚀   At this speed, the crew inside see sunrise every 45 mins once. It Contains 30K tiles to endure 1700'C of heat upon reentry inside earth 🔥   These tiles cool down back in 1 minute, so you can hold them in your hand 😮

Did you know?

The Sibiu manuscript was written in 1509 and it was discovered in 1961. The documents had detailed blueprints of how to build a 3 staged rocket with compete rocket propulsion technology. The author of these documents was Mr. Conrad Haas, a military engineer from Austria. He worked as a weapons advisor to the prince of Transylvania. The rocket technology documents also had formulas to build manned and multi-staged rockets using diferent liquid fuels. In the 450 page documents, Conrad Haas also went ahead and drew prototypes that had bell-shaped nozzles and delta shaped fins for a complete rocket.


Sibiu manuscript

Sibiu Manuscript Conrad Haas

( Note: The above images are NOT part of the NFT. It is only for representation & educational purpose | Source: Ernst Wagner | Public domain | Author: Conrad Haas )

Key Color: #3DDC84

Caribbean Green more commonly known as Android Green is a youthful and vibrant shade of green. In 2007, a designer at Google was tasked with creating a logo for a mobile operating system that the company would later launch in November 2007. She took inspiration from the signage (Women/Men) on the restroom doors for the logo. She chose the Android Green color because it conveys openness and ease of use of the OS.

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