Bow: Donkey

A Donkey is stronger than a horse 💪   intelligent with an incredible memory ( can remember things up to 25 years). They make their own decision by evaluating the situation around. Its difficult to force or frighten a donkey into doing something contrary to its own best interest and safety 👏

Chain: Figaro Gold

The Figaro chain is one of the most widely used chains ⛓️ . The origins of the Figaro chain are from Italy. Has a unique design pattern that is simple yet intriguing. Its flat with one long link followed by two to three short links. This design is liked and worn by both men and women globally. Unlike other complex chain designs, a Figaro chain is easy to repair when broken. Also it has one of the most strong and durable designs. People like wearing a Figaro chain in gold.


Figaro Chain Ad

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KeyFob: Time

Perception of “flow” of time only exists in our Mind ⌛️   It may not exist independant of the mind. Your mind stitches together the infinite frames of static states 🤯   Without your mind stitching all the static frames together, the Universe may exist in a timeless 4th dimensional space - a single static frame ✨

Did you know?

In AD 520, when there were no clocks yet, candles were used to measure time. These candle clocks whose rate of burning was known, were burned a set amount of hours. The candles were marked in set intervals ( like in a measuring scale ). If you wanted an alarm to ring, you pushed a nail at the desired time length in the candle. And when it melted to that point, the nail would fall and clank on the metal holder thus alerting you 👌

Ancient method to measure time

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Key Color: #E936A7

Frostbite can be characterised by magenta pink or a neon pink color that stands out. It is also close to the color Fuschia pink. Frostbite is suitable for use in making retro wave artwork and other cyberpunk themed artwork. The modern and vibrant color can easily attract the attention of the viewer to the central subject of the painting. Most recently, Chicago based muralist and painter Caroline Liu used the Frostbite color in her painting titled "Frostbite Painting". 

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