Bow: Bison

Bison's Mood can be easily determined by the position of its tail. When it hangs down and switches naturally, the bison is usually calm. If the tail is standing straight up, watch out! It may be ready to charge. No matter what a bison’s tail is doing, remember that they are unpredictable and can charge at any moment. Every year, there are regrettable accidents caused by people getting too close to these massive animals.

Chain: Wheat

The wheat chain ( also called the Spiga chain ) is one of the strongest of all strong chains. As its made using four strands of beautifully twisted oval links. These links are braided together to give a visual treat 🤩 . Mostly made using gold links, its the desired choice by men ( and also liked by many women ). Due to the complex nature of the design pattern, this chain is a bit difficult to fix it yourself when broken. Needs a professional jeweller to fix it. When buying a wheat chain, care should be taken to check if there are hollow blocks in-between that can make that section weak. If your wheat chain is a non-hollow chain, its meant to last long 💪

KeyFob: Spaceship

A Spaceship travels at 28000 kmph in space 🚀   At this speed, the crew inside see sunrise every 45 mins once. It Contains 30K tiles to endure 1700'C of heat upon reentry inside earth 🔥   These tiles cool down back in 1 minute, so you can hold them in your hand 😮

Did you know?

The Sibiu manuscript was written in 1509 and it was discovered in 1961. The documents had detailed blueprints of how to build a 3 staged rocket with compete rocket propulsion technology. The author of these documents was Mr. Conrad Haas, a military engineer from Austria. He worked as a weapons advisor to the prince of Transylvania. The rocket technology documents also had formulas to build manned and multi-staged rockets using diferent liquid fuels. In the 450 page documents, Conrad Haas also went ahead and drew prototypes that had bell-shaped nozzles and delta shaped fins for a complete rocket.


Sibiu manuscript

Sibiu Manuscript Conrad Haas

( Note: The above images are NOT part of the NFT. It is only for representation & educational purpose | Source: Ernst Wagner | Public domain | Author: Conrad Haas )

Key Color: #36454F

Charcoal is a sophisticated color and it has soft gray, crema white and blue hues. Due to its minimalistic vibe, it is used in home decor/ interior design where the furniture or elements need to be highlighted or defined. Charcoal color doors and kitchen cabinetry are design elements that are in trend according to interior designers.

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