Bow: Tiger

White tiger is a rare genetic variant of a typical Bengal tiger. White tigers are revered as sacred beings. According to a Japanese legend, a white tiger named Byakko was a supernatural, celestial being. He was also the guardian of the West. He would appear in the sky if the current human ruler was virtuous and brought peace to the land.


Quote of the day:

Be strong when you are weak,
Brave when you are scared, &
Humble when you are victorious

Chain: Gleipnir Enchanted Rope

Fenrir the wolf is bound by the 'Gleipnir Enchanted Rope' ( a thin silk ribbon, stronger than any chain ) ✨   It is Constructed from 6 impossible ingredients: sound of a cat's footsteps, root of a mountain, beard of a woman, breath of a fish, she spittle of a birth, sinews of a bear.  If the wolf breaks free, it will kill Odin 😳

KeyFob: Yin and Yang

In Chinese cosmology, the Universe creates itself out of a primary chaos of material energy, organised into the cycles of Yin & Yang. That are formed into objects and lives ✨   Thus many dualities like light-dark, fire-water, male-female etc. ☯️   Developed before 4th century B.C, the concept describes how obviously opposite or contrary forces may actually be complementary, interconnected, and interdependent in the natural world. The Yin & Yang are not complete opposites. In fact, it is important that each side has a little bit of the other in it 👌

Such seemingly opposing ( but actually complementary ) forces interact to form a dynamic system. In this system the whole is greater than the parts. Everything in this infinite Universe has both the yin & yang aspects. Either of the 2 major aspects may manifest more strongly in a particular object, depending on the criterion of the observation.

Yin and Yang

( Note: The above image is not part of the NFT )

A simillar representation to the Yin & Yang concept can be seen in ancient Hindhuism belief of "Arthanareeswarar" 🙏 . An inseparable from of lord Shiva combined with goddess Parvati depicted as half-male and half-female . The belief dates back pre first century CE!

Key Color: #848482

Battleship gray is a variant of smoke grey and lies between the yellow & green spectrum. Pantone launched a color similar to Battleship gray called 'Cool gray 9'. The color is also used by certain automotive companies to achieve the luxury smoke gray color and is marketed under the name Medium Gray & Light Charcoal. #848482 is lighter and can be used as a background against stronger complimentary colors.

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