Bow: Architect

An Architect, or Architectural Designer, is responsible for designing and planning a new build 🤵   Architects are professionals trained in the art and science of building design  👍

In the software world, an architect is a software development expert who makes high-level design choices. Enforces technical standards, including software coding standards, tools, and platforms  🧑‍💻 

In the field of construction, they develop the concepts for structures and turn those concepts into visuals & plans. Which is used by the engineer to make homes, office buildings etc.

Did you know?

Around 2611 BC, Pyramid of Djoser was built by using complex construction techniques on a grand scale. This was in fact the first recorded use of structural columns in construction that is still in practice today. The pyramid was designed, planned and constructed by the world's first known architect Imhotep.

Chain: Plated

Plated chain style features links that have been flattened and twisted, which interlock tightly together to form a chain. A slight twist on the classic cable jewellery chain types, curb chains are popular in very fine formations at around 1 mm and much chunkier variations, ideal for creating statement necklaces.

KeyFob: Game Controller

From the rudimentary controllers of the 1970s -to- the hi-tech controllers of today, game controllers are subject to constant change. In the 1980’s Joy sticks and track balls were common to be purchased for playing certain games. Mostly everything was hardwired back to the system.  In early 1990’s Sega introduced the smaller pad controllers with directional pad and 6 buttons. During this period, we also saw a suite of game control utilities like wheels, pedals, guns etc. Games were designed having the controllers in mind. Play station introduced the now commonly used face buttons ( with symbols you see in Squid Game ). It also popularised the pads with two analog sticks with rumble functionality. The wireless controllers became common, after the release by Microsoft Xbox Duke controllers. It was followed the remote Wii controllers from Nintendo in mid 2000’s. Which eventually led to more innovation from Sony & Microsoft. They responded with the Play station move and Microsoft Kinect technologies. These controllers played a very important role in the upcoming virtual reality headsets and motion controlled games. With the recent Metaverse and virtual reality trend, we are seeing newer Virtual reality VR controllers become mainstream.


- Layer 1 Blockchain company Zilliqa recently announced the launch of its Web3 based gaming console in 2023. Included with complete web3 features like the wallet, mining software, NFT and minting features. This will enable even the non-crypto masses to play & earn via. crypto. Also has the possibility to push other leading console players like Sony and Microsoft to rethink their console strategy. The future of console gaming!

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