Bow: Zombie

Zombie is a mythological undead corporeal revenant.  The term comes from Haitian Folklore, in which a zombie is a dead body reanimated through various methods, most commonly magic like voodoo  😱

Zombies are broadly classified under 2 categories:

- Bioliogical zombies:

There are many sub-categories under biological zombies ex: parasite infected zombies, alien dna induced zombies, chemical zombies etc. But the main idea behind this type is that some sort of virus/ bacteria infect a dead corpse. And take control of it, thus making it walk and attack others. Like rabies the virus uses the walking corpse to spread itself via. bites. Falling under this category are also cases of scientific experiments on the dead going wrong, 'bring the dead back to life' technology experiments going wrong, chemical weapons creating reactions on humans and other such cases.

- Supernatural zombies:

In this case the dead starts walking under the influence of supernatural forces like spirits & demons. Also it covers witchcraft, voodoo practices of reanimating the dead etc.


Did you know?

- Zombies have a huge fan following globally. So much so that there is a zombie day celebrated on October 13th. Fanatics who fancy the zombie are called 'zombophiles'. On the other hand the fear for zombies is called 'kinemortophobia'.

- 'Zombies' have a global cult following. The genre is currently estimated to be a $6 Billion industry in the US alone. This includes games, movies, books, merchandice, art, events, costumes, TV etc.

- In the corporate world, 'zombie companies' are firms that just earn enough money to service their debt and meet overhead expences. Without any extra capital or profit to spur growth. They are just happy staying afloat for long and keep operating. Sometimes they are kept this way on purpose with some hidden agenda.



( Note: The above image is not part of the NFT. It is only for visual purpose )

Chain: Wheat

The wheat chain ( also called the Spiga chain ) is one of the strongest of all strong chains. As its made using four strands of beautifully twisted oval links. These links are braided together to give a visual treat 🤩 . Mostly made using gold links, its the desired choice by men ( and also liked by many women ). Due to the complex nature of the design pattern, this chain is a bit difficult to fix it yourself when broken. Needs a professional jeweller to fix it. When buying a wheat chain, care should be taken to check if there are hollow blocks in-between that can make that section weak. If your wheat chain is a non-hollow chain, its meant to last long 💪

KeyFob: Tree of Life

The Tree of Life is a sacred tree seen in many mythologies 🍃   Connecting all forms of creation, the tree symbolizes fertility ✨   Eating the fruit makes you immortal.

* Many ancient religions say The Cosmic tree 🌲 is made up of the Tree of life & the Tree of Knowledge .

* The Bible (Genesis 2–3) says in the garden of Eden were two trees: The Tree of Life ❤️ & the Tree of Knowledge ( the fruits of which were forbidden from eating 🍎 ).

The Tree of Life connects all forms of creation & the Tree of Knowledge connects the heaven and the underworld.


Key Color: #36454F

Charcoal is a sophisticated color and it has soft gray, crema white and blue hues. Due to its minimalistic vibe, it is used in home decor/ interior design where the furniture or elements need to be highlighted or defined. Charcoal color doors and kitchen cabinetry are design elements that are in trend according to interior designers.

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