Bow: Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence will kill majority of Jobs by 2025. Ai will have same IQ level as adult humans by 2029 🤯   Humans & robots marriage will be legal by 2050 ❤️   Elon Musk recommends regulation on A.I. before it gets too late to control!

Did you know?

- In a recent breakthrough, scientists have reduced a vastly complex quantum physics problem requiring 100,000 equations to just 4 equations using A.i. Called the “dimensionality reduction” method, it can “revolutionise” scientific investigation into quantum problems that require vast computational power to figure out. The scientists next step would be to apply the approach on more complex quantum systems that involve electrons interacting at long distances ⚛️.

- A new A.i. model developed in coordination with the university of Chicago can predict crime one week in advance with 90% accuracy. The model predicts future crimes by permutations of time & spatial coordinates of discrete events and patterns.

- A Chinese tech company has recently appointed the worlds first A.i powered bot as its CEO ⚡️
👩‍🦰 Named Ms.Tang Yu, the robot will overlook the entire operations & growth of the $10 Billion company


Artificial Intelligence

( Note: The above image is not part of the NFT )

Chain: Wheat

The wheat chain ( also called the Spiga chain ) is one of the strongest of all strong chains. As its made using four strands of beautifully twisted oval links. These links are braided together to give a visual treat 🤩 . Mostly made using gold links, its the desired choice by men ( and also liked by many women ). Due to the complex nature of the design pattern, this chain is a bit difficult to fix it yourself when broken. Needs a professional jeweller to fix it. When buying a wheat chain, care should be taken to check if there are hollow blocks in-between that can make that section weak. If your wheat chain is a non-hollow chain, its meant to last long 💪

KeyFob: Quantum

Quantum is the minimum amount of any physical entity. Quantum mechanics provides a description of the physical properties of nature at the scale of atoms and subatomic particles ⚛️   Its a form of mysticism that reveals the interconnection of all things, beings & the connection of our minds with a cosmic mind ✨

According to quantum theory, something can be both a wave and a particle. It means that anything that we presume exists comes into existance the moment we acknowledge it. Renowned sceintist J. J. Thomson won the Nobel Prize in 1906 for his discovery that electrons are particles. Another famous quantum scientist and physicist Mr.George proved that electrons are waves and won the Nobel Prize for this discovery in 1937 ( he was the son of J. J. Thomson ) . Now, Who was right? 🤔 Well, both of them were correct. This proves scientifically that anything in this infinite universe can exist in multiple forms simultanouesly. This is the famous wave-particle duality concept in Quantum mechanics. Or the Superposition priniciple ie. You can be present in more than just 1 place right now in various forms. The You 🫵 that is reading this text right now, is just a limitation of your consciousness✨


Key Color: #56A0D3

Carolina Blue takes its name from the University of North Carolina's logo color Pantone 542 or Tar Heel Blue. The color is a mixture of light blue and white in line with the University's sporting team's color scheme since the 1880s. The light blue color evokes a sense of discipline and motivation.

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