Bow: Baby

Babies are born with 300 bones 👶  First color they recognise is RED. Can remember voices from inside the womb including a dogs bark 😲  Mother & her baby's heartbeat syncs in a second of looking into each other's eyes 💞

Did you know?

- Nature has its own ways of balancing out things. It was first noticed in 1883, and since then many renowned scientists have confirmed. More boys are born during and after major wars, and no one knows why 🤔. The phenomenon is called the "Returning Soldier Effect"

- Babies smile an average of 200 times a day. The average woman smiles 62 times a day  👩‍ & the average man smiles only 8 times a day 🙍‍♂️


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Chain: Mariner

Men prefer Mariner chains that are thick while women prefer the lighter ones. Either way a Mariner chain necklace is known for its strength. And its also easy to fix when broken. It got its name from the chains used in anchor’s ( infact its also called the anchor chain for this matter ). Owners of a Mariner chain say it also reminds them of the Sea. The design pattern is sturdy with oval links interlocking each other with a bar in the middle. This pattern repeats to give a fantastic look and feel that makes it liked by many globally.

KeyFob: Nazar

Nazar is a strong belief dating back thousands of years. Known to have originated in the Turkish / Arabic regions and spread globally. Its now a household talisman in many countries like Europe, middle east and south east Asia. In a survey conducted in 2006, over one-third of world's cultures believe the evil eye.

Its a saying that being successful also attracts the evil eye of others. Unconsciously a small percent of jealousy may be present when admiring someone or something. Such envy and malice strengthen overtime to create the evil eye. Overpraise or excessive compliments may sometimes accidentally give the evil eye to your loved ones even by yourself. Such dreaded negativity can be avoided by reflecting it away using a Nazar.

Nazar is typically made out of handmade glass. It features concentric circles or teardrop shapes in dark blue, white, light blue and black, occasionally with a yellow/gold edge. Widely used across civilizations under the belief that the Nazar amulet would ward off or absorb the evil eye 👁️  The Nazar is sometimes embedded within the Hamsa hand.

When the Nazar you wear is broken or cracked, it means that it has done its job of protecting you from the evil eye. And you would need to replace it.


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Key Color: #B22222

Firebrick is a dark red color. The color is seen by the human eye as it falls within the 630 to 750 nm spectrum of the visible color range. Among the other things, red signifies vitality and revolution. The Chinese view it as one of the most auspicious colors in their culture.

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