Bow: Ape

Many religions have Ape gods 🙏  They are associated with bravery, valor & strength. Japanese worshipped Sarugami,the wise monkey god.The 3 monkeys concept ( see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil ) originated here 🐵

Chain: Data Cable

Transatlantic Fiber Optics are the data cables that make it possible for transmitting the data across different continents seamlessly. These are also known as submarine data cables and they are laid 8000 m under water and can withstand any amount of pressure that the ocean exerts. These cables offer a higher rate of data transmission of upto 2TBps, are real-time and cause very low error rates 👌

KeyFob: Floral Skull

The skull represents life & death 💀   The rose represents beauty and love 🌹   The 'Floral Skull' symbolises a struggle between the beautiful & the ugly in times of evil vs. good 👍 

The Mexicans celebrate the 'Day of the Dead' on the first week of November. Floral skulls made of sugar are often used on this day which has been the known tradition since early 1630s. The belief from the age of Mayans is that the gates of heaven are opened on October 31st. The spirits of the deceased are allowed to reunite with their familes for 24 hours. On November 1st is the day for children spirits ( angelitos ) & on November 2nd spirits of adults come down to enjoy the festivities prepared for them. The offerings are paced on a grand alter. On November 1st the alter can be seen with toys and sweets for the angelitos. On November 2nd the alter may contain Tequila, cigars etc. for the grown ups. The feativities during this period are very expensive with families ready to even spend 2 months of their earnings to make the spirits happy.


Floral Skull

( Note: The above image is not part of the NFT  |   Photo by Chait Goli from Pexels )

Key Color: #BB1E19

This is a color that is closest to deep red and crimson on the color wheel's spectrum. According to color psychology, the color signifies valor, courage and luck. In design, the color is used in elements that are required to grab your attention like the 'Buy Now' button, alert or sitewide offer notice bar. The complementary color to this is #19B6BB, which means that the main color can be paired with #BB1E19.

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Data Cable

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Floral Skull



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