Bow: Sidehill gouger

In American folklore, a 'Sidehill Gouger' has legs on 1 side of their body shorter than the legs on opposite side 😮    Can walk on steep hillsides, only in one direction. When chased into the plain, they are trapped in an endless circular path 🔄   Since the gouger is footed for hillsides, it cannot stand up on level ground.  Farmers crossbreed them with their cows so they could graze easily on mountain sides 🐄

Chain: Gleipnir Enchanted Rope

Fenrir the wolf is bound by the 'Gleipnir Enchanted Rope' ( a thin silk ribbon, stronger than any chain ) ✨   It is Constructed from 6 impossible ingredients: sound of a cat's footsteps, root of a mountain, beard of a woman, breath of a fish, she spittle of a birth, sinews of a bear.  If the wolf breaks free, it will kill Odin 😳

KeyFob: Pyramid

A Pyramid is built with 2 million stones - each as heavy as an elephant 🤯   Took approx 200 years to complete each. All of them faced exactly true North ✴   In the early days they had a sunlight reflecting shell, made of white limestone. Over the centuries, this shell got worn out to reveal the Pyramids we see now. This covering made it shine like a Star in the day ( the eye-blinding shine was visible like a jewel across countries ) ✨

Did you know?

Nikola Tesla strongly believed that Pyramids served a much higher purpose that we aren't able to understand yet. He investigated if they were giant transmitters of energy that tapped the ionosphere for energy collections. Tesla is known for his contribution to experiments for transmitting energy wirelessly. He patented his research in the US in 1905 by the title "The art of transmitting electrical energy through the natural medium". His famous triangle shaped design was called 'Tesla's electromagnetic pyramid' .

Key Color: #1A2421

Dark Jungle Green also Known as Brilliant green. The color is a richer and darker tone of spring green. A variant of the Dark Jungle green is used in the U.S Army's Special Forces' uniforms and berets (Caps). 

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