Bow: Phoenix

Phoenix is an immortal bird ✨   Ancient scripts say the phoenix lived for around 500 years. Associated with the Sun, it obtains new life by arising from the ashes of its predecessor 🔥   It had brilliant golden and scarlet feathers. As per various legends, the power a Phoenix posseses is so much its tears can heal anything it touches. The ashes can give life to the dead.

Did you know?

- Even in present times, a person who makes a comeback after undergoing a great trauma or a great defeat is called a ‘phoenix’  💪

- The symbol of Rome was the Phoenix. As it was known as the eternal city.

- There is a bird mentioned to have lived in the garden of Eden. It was called the Milcham and had a striking resemblance to the Phoenix. It is said to have lived in the Tree of Knowledge. When Eve tried to feed it the forbidden fruit, it did not eat it. Very much like the Phoenix, this bird also lived for 500+ years > died in a fire and was reborn from the ashes!

- A Phoenix totem is used by many as pendants, talismans etc. It is considered a symbol of good luck. Helps in healing , regeneration and begining new a new phase in life.

- Having Pheonix appear in your dream is considered very special. It means that a new and shining phase in your life is coming up.  While many have animals showup in their dreams, its a message to have a mythical animal appear.


Phoenix Dreams and meaning

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Chain: Figaro Gold

The Figaro chain is one of the most widely used chains ⛓️ . The origins of the Figaro chain are from Italy. Has a unique design pattern that is simple yet intriguing. Its flat with one long link followed by two to three short links. This design is liked and worn by both men and women globally. Unlike other complex chain designs, a Figaro chain is easy to repair when broken. Also it has one of the most strong and durable designs. People like wearing a Figaro chain in gold.


Figaro Chain Ad

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KeyFob: Cornucopia

Cornucopia ( horn of plenty ) is a symbol of abundance , wealth & prosperity 🔮   Has the power to be filled with whatever its owner desires ✨ 

In English language, the first known use of the word “Cornucopia” was in 1508.


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Key Color: #FFBF00

Initially when traffic lights were invented, they only had two colors on them red and green. Only in the year 1920, did American inventor William Potts came up with an electric three colored traffic light that included the Amber light at the center. Up until that point, it was difficult for drivers driving at high speed to halt real quick leading to accident. The Amber light literally is the silent savior that we take for granted. 

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