Bow: Honey Badger

Honey Badger is ferocious & fearless. Have resistance to snake venom. They have deadly metal strong claws & teeth. Even hyenas and lions fear them 😳   Their skin is thick & loose making them immune to any predator bites.

Chain: Figaro Gold

The Figaro chain is one of the most widely used chains ⛓️ . The origins of the Figaro chain are from Italy. Has a unique design pattern that is simple yet intriguing. Its flat with one long link followed by two to three short links. This design is liked and worn by both men and women globally. Unlike other complex chain designs, a Figaro chain is easy to repair when broken. Also it has one of the most strong and durable designs. People like wearing a Figaro chain in gold.


Figaro Chain Ad

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KeyFob: Spaceship

A Spaceship travels at 28000 kmph in space 🚀   At this speed, the crew inside see sunrise every 45 mins once. It Contains 30K tiles to endure 1700'C of heat upon reentry inside earth 🔥   These tiles cool down back in 1 minute, so you can hold them in your hand 😮

Did you know?

The Sibiu manuscript was written in 1509 and it was discovered in 1961. The documents had detailed blueprints of how to build a 3 staged rocket with compete rocket propulsion technology. The author of these documents was Mr. Conrad Haas, a military engineer from Austria. He worked as a weapons advisor to the prince of Transylvania. The rocket technology documents also had formulas to build manned and multi-staged rockets using diferent liquid fuels. In the 450 page documents, Conrad Haas also went ahead and drew prototypes that had bell-shaped nozzles and delta shaped fins for a complete rocket.


Sibiu manuscript

Sibiu Manuscript Conrad Haas

( Note: The above images are NOT part of the NFT. It is only for representation & educational purpose | Source: Ernst Wagner | Public domain | Author: Conrad Haas )

Key Color: #A2006D

Flirt is a darker shade of magenta pink 🍬   The color is mainly used in print materials as it is best printed on paper and other physical mediums. The Strikingly bold nature of the color enabled it for use as a backdrop or font color on designs that wanted to communicate a modern idea with a fresh design approach  🍭

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