Bow: Pig

Pigs are the cleanest of all animals - refuse to defecate where they sleep. They cant sweat, to keep cool they roll in muck 🐷  5th most intelligent of all animals, infact more intelligent than a dog. Mothers sing for babies. Have excellent memory & direction sense.

Ancient origins of the Piggy Bank

The cute and smooth piggy banks we are used to has a much deeper hidden meaning. The earliest known piggy banks date back to the 13th century from the Indonesian Majapahit Empire. This Hindu-Buddhist empire was vastly spread across many present day South-East Asian countries like Thailand, Java, Jakarta, Malaysia, Phillipines, Singapore etc.  These regions were rich and sort of the global trade hubs back then. 

Did you know? From ancient days till now the Pig is considered a symbol of abundance, fertility and good fortune. Pigs are known to eat well and give birth to many babies at once. Simillarly, it was believed that inserting little coins everyday in a Piggy bank will help to increase the money many fold quickly.

In the Javanese language the word 'Celengan' was related to the wild boar, savings, wealth etc. Thus the early piggy banks were crafted in the shape of the wild boar using clay to depict the animal sloshing happily in mud. It had a opening to put in coins, as the entire figure depicted good fortune and wealth. Also in Hindu belief, the protector of all the Universes Lord Vishnu  🙏   took the incarnation of Varaha ( the red boar ) to lift mother earth out of water. Mother earth is also lord Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth. She is also worshipped in Japan as goddess Kisshōten  ✨

From the Majapahit Empire, scholars, Buddhist monks & travellers took the concept to China. And via. the silk road the concept reached European countries to take various forms as the current day piggy bank.

Majapahit terracotta piggy bank, 14th/15th century Trowulan, East Java.

Majapahit terracotta piggy bank, 14th/15th century Trowulan, East Java. (Collection of National Museum of Indonesia, Jakarta)

Chain: Black Metal

Black Metal Chain is an ion plated curb chain that is composed of round links slightly twisted to make them lie flat and close together. The chain is between 26 - 30 inches long and the design makes the chain stronger, allowing it to withstand the regular wear and tear.


Black Metal Chain Necklace

( Note: Above image is NOT part of the NFT. Its an Ad. Clicking opens Amazon )

KeyFob: Bitcoin

- 20% of Bitcoin is gone forever due to lost private Keys 😳   Last Bitcoin will be mined in 2140. There are around 100,000 Bitcoin millionaires 🛩️   Early BTC faucets gave 5 free Bitcoins to each user 🤯 


- When the letter 'B' is written in uppercase ie. Bitcoin, denotes the BTC blockchain ledger that records all the trnsactions. When 'b' is written in lowercase ie. bitcoin, it denotes the cryptocurrency. The terms “Bitcoin” with an uppercase “B” and “bitcoin” with a lowercase “B” mean two different things.

- Brock Pierce ( child actor from 'The mighty ducks' ) put up 3 million BTC as mortgage to buy a renovated chapel in Amsterdam in 2019. He is also credited as the first person to take out a full on crypto based mortgage.

Key Color: #CD7F32

Bronze is a yellowish-brown color that is used in artworks and paints that need a metallic lustre/ effect. Due to its lustrous shine, Bronze can grab the attention of anyone and for this reason it is used in marketing. While designing Advertisement banners, Shades of bronze are used to highlight pricing and offers to grab the attention of  the buyer.

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