Bow: Dog

A study revealed that 54% of Dog owners are willing to end their relationship if their dog doesn't like their partner 😲

Did you know?

- Research has found that dogs really like the silly, high-pitched ickle-pikle voice their owners use to talk to them 🤪

- Mercy dogs were trained during world war 1 to seek out wounded soldiers. They carried first-aid that could then be used by wounded soldiers and comforted dying soldiers who were mortally wounded.  They saved thousands of lives  ❤️

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- In 2014, a 3 year old girl survived 11 days in the Siberian forest infested with bears and wolves with only her dog for company 😳. She ate wild berries and drank from a river, curling up next to her dog for warmth.She was saved when her dog went back to her village and guided rescuers to her ♥️

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Interesting fact of the day!

Groups of stray dogs in Moscow choose the cutest and smallest member of their pack and send them out to beg for food. Realizing it will be more successful than its bigger and less attractive ones. Moscow's stray dogs also understand the rules of traffic lights and ride the Metro along with humans 🤯.

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Chain: Black Metal

Black Metal Chain is an ion plated curb chain that is composed of round links slightly twisted to make them lie flat and close together. The chain is between 26 - 30 inches long and the design makes the chain stronger, allowing it to withstand the regular wear and tear.


Black Metal Chain Necklace

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KeyFob: Neem Leaf

The sacred NEEM LEAF has exceptional medicinal qualities 🍃   Heals wounds, boosts immunity.  Loaded with anti-oxidants & anti-aging properties. Believed to protect villages from evil plagues 🙏

Key Color: #CD9575

Antique Brass is characterized by a dull shade between brown and yellow. Antique Brass is usually used in making artifacts and other products that need an old world look. During the medieval period, Brass was used for a variety of purposes and was known to purify negative energy. In the King James Version of the Bible Brass was referred as "nechosheth". 

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