Bow: Budai

Budai ( also called the Laughing Buddha ) is a representation of both contentment and abundance ❤️    He brought Fortune & Joy to all he encountered with ✨ 

According to the Buddhist doctrine, the Universe each of us experiance is a product of karma ( the law of cause & effect of action ). Wherein good/ virtuous actions create pleasure in the future & bad/ non-virtuous actions create pain. Some ancient faith's say that its not just action, even a thought counts. The present moment we live in is very important. The next moment in our life turns out the way we want it to be - based on how we handle this moment. If we are happy, the next moment is happy. If we are sad, the next moment can turn out accordingly.... unless we find an excuse to be happy this moment

The significanse of the laughing Buddha is to remind us to be grateful and most importantly happy in this moment. The moment you rest your eyes on this auspicious figurine -or- think of it in your mind, the very meaning of its existance reminds you to be happy. A self-fulfilling prophecy executes somewhere in your sub-consious mind, thus maximising the probability of changing the current moment to become happy to the maximum extent possible. So, the next moment in your life turns out to be as much happy as possible. Even if you are for some reason in the most depressed state in this moment, just the thought of something called 'Happiness' .... can reduce the damage caused to the next moment.



Laughing Buddha

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Meditation tips:

*  "Start by thinking of a happy memory, one filled with joy and happiness. Then switch your thoughts to your desire! This will supercharge your desire with positive emotions. Emotions are the driving force in the manifestation process" - Shakira Maria

* "When you are vibrating joy, love & abundance, you are attracting things that support that frequency. Its like tuning into a radio station. You have to be tuning into the music you want to listen to, just like you have to be tuned into the energy you want to manifest into your life . Changing your mindset will change your life"

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